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  • About the glossary:  Aviation has its own terminology, with plenty of acronyms and abbreviations.  If (when) you come across an unfamiliar term, try running your mouse pointer over it.  If it turns green, you can click on it and a glossary page will open with that word's definition at the top.  Your browser's "back" button will return you to the post you were reading.

    If the word doesn't turn green, you still might find it manually in the Glossary.  Look for that under CATEGORIES, above.  And if the word's not there, please let me know, and I'll add it.

    In writing these definitions, I find they contain words which themselves need to be defined, as do the definitions of those words in an endlessly branching series.  I seem to spend as much time working on the glossary as I do writing the posts.  So where I've found ready-made definitions on the web that fulfill my purposes, I'll link to them instead of writing a new one; and then get back to the story.

    I've identified the definitions both by their acronym and by the spelled-out term.  I've listed the acronym first, but I've alphabetized the glossary by the long forms.  I'm not at all sure that's the best way of doing things, and I welcome feedback.

  • About the photos within the posts:  They're thumbnails, most of them.  Click to enlarge.

  • About "first/previous/ next":  Many of the posts in this blog will be elements of a logical thread—legs in a flight, or stages in a train of thought—but the actual sequence of posting may jumble them up.  As an aid to coherence I provide hyperlinks to tie the thread together.  "First" takes you to the first post of the series.  "Previous" and "next" should be easy enough to figure out...